Editorial Policy


The magazine "Vegetable and melon growing" publishes in open access and highlights the topical issues, the results of scientific research on vegetable, water-melon, melon and gourd growing.

This editorial policy outlines the principles of the mechanism for the adoption, review and publication of materials, as well as the main criteria for publishing articles. The editorial policy is mandatory for all parties involved in the publishing process. The submission of articles by authors or review of the materials means the automatic agreement with the set standards. In case of questions, suggestions or complaints, it is necessary to address to the editor.

1 Free access to journal materials

The full versions of the journal articles are placed freely on the websites of the journal,  in the National Vernadsky Library


2. The process of acceptance, review and publication of materials

2.1 Receiving manuscripts

Manuscripts are issued in accordance with the requirements put forward by the Editorial Board of the magazine " Vegetable and melon growing ". The materials drawn up by the template as well as the information about the authors are sent to the journal's e-mail address. Manuscripts are considered for the compliance with the set requirements and can be returned to remaking. Notice about receiving the  manuscripts is sent to authors on e-mail given by the author. 

2.2 Review process

The collection has a system of double secret review. Reviewers receive encrypted articles, and the author does not open the reviewer. All the materials are evaluated in accordance with the criteria given in paragraph 3. The reviewer may, after reviewing the materials, make one of the following decisions:

 to publish as it is;

to publish with minor changes;

to send for  for  re-reviewing (if significant changes are required);

to deny (if significant processing is required, but the author may submit the revised material again);

to refuse  without permission to send the article the second time (if the material has fundamental deficiencies, contains plagiarism or does not correspond to the subject of the magazine). 

2.3 Adoption of the article for printing and printing of materials

The final decision on the submitted materials is taken by the editorial board.

Review results, remarks and recommendations are sent to the author via e-mail.

The process of reviewing the article lasts no more than 3 months.

The editorial board reserves the right to a minor literary wording of the texts and abbreviations with the preservation of the author's style.

Additional copies can be obtained from the editorial board if they are available.


3 Criteria for selecting articles

The scientific journal " Vegetable and melon growing " accepts articles (not published previously and not presented for publication to any other editions), covering the original results of research on breeding and genetics of vegetable, water-melon, melon and gourd growing, technologies of their cultivation in field conditions and greenhouses of various natural and climatic zones of Ukraine. Attention is paid to issues of economy and marketing, plant protection, storage and processing of products.

Materials published in one of three languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English are accepted for publication.

The main selection criteria are: originality, innovation, importance of results in their field, theoretical basis and review of previous studies and existing publications, research methodology, literacy, compliance with editorial requirements.


4 Attitudes towards ethics

The editorial office of the collection " Vegetable and melon growing " does not accept materials that contain offensive statements, manifestations of aggression or national, religious, racial or other discrimination that provoke interethnic and racial hostility that violate international legal norms and laws.

The editorial board is not responsible for the views, judgments, results and conclusions made by the authors of the articles and published in the journal. They do not necessarily coincide with the point of view of the editorial board. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the information in the articles, the accuracy of the names, surnames and quotations.

In cases of detection of plagiarism, the authors of the submitted materials are responsible.


5 License Terms

If the article is accepted for publication in the journal "Vegetable and melon growing", the author automatically accepts the consent about the transfer of copyright. More details about the agreement can be found in the corresponding section.


6 Changes and Additions to the Editorial Policy

The editors may make changes and additions to the Editorial Policy to improve and the process of publishing and issuing the materials.