Keywords: plant variety, seeds and planting material, seed production, protection of breeders' rights, patent


The aim. The purpose is to review the market of vegetable and melon seeds, to establish the main problems of its development in modern conditions; to determine the directions of stabilization and increase of efficiency of functioning of seed subcomplex and to develop scientifically substantiated offers concerning the decision of problems of development and maintenance of efficiency of production of seeds in Ukraine. Methods. The following methods were used in the research process: dialectical (knowledge of processes and phenomena); monographic (analysis of the current state and prospects of seed production); comparative analysis (analysis of industry development problems); abstract-logical (generalization and formulation of conclusions). Results. The article considers the market of seeds of vegetable and melon crops, identifies the main problems of its development in modern conditions; the directions of stabilization and increase of eff iciency of functioning of seed subcomplex are defined and scientifically substantiated offers on the decision of problems of development and maintenance of efficiency of production of seeds in Ukraine are developed. The analysis of the current state and prospects of seed production in Ukraine, determination of the potential of production of varietal seeds and planting material and the availability of such agricultural producers, approaches to assessing the effectiveness of seed production of vegetables and melons. Promising ways to accelerate the development of the organization of the market of seeds and planting material in Ukraine are outlined. Practical meaning. Theoretical and methodological provisions for the development of seed production in Ukraine have been further developed, which will allow international cooperation for the production of new high-yielding and high-quality varieties of domestic selection, which will increase the efficiency of seed production. Conclusions. In the conditions of comprehensive consideration of the modern principles of market economy, Ukraine's accession to the EU, the main approaches to the prospects of domestic seed production are radically changing. The issue of redistribution of the market of seeds of vegetable and melon crops on domestic products to preserve the domestic gene pool is urgent. Moreover, in the conditions of military threat, as never before, there was no question of guaranteeing food security, preservation of the full seed fund to ensure the full operation of the company in Ukraine. Also, based on the fact that the entire sector, including producers and government agencies, is working on developing new models of the process of creating added value, forming a royalty payment system is an issue not only for the seed industry in Ukraine but also for the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex. Effective solution of vegetable problems is possible only in reducing its resource and energy consumption, introduction of promising varieties, hybrids of vegetable and melon plants of intensive type, technology, modern technology, combining the interests of science and practice due to market needs. Solving these problems will provide an opportunity to establish international cooperation between Ukraine in the production of seeds and planting material, will help attract additional investment funds to support and develop domestic breeding.


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