ISSN 0131-0062

Certificate of state registration of printed mass media: Series KV No. 23833-13673 PR, , 15.03.2019, issued by the State Registration Service of Ukraine

The collection is included in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine of group “B” in the field of “Agricultural Sciences” (201 – Agronomy, 202 – Plant protection and quarantine) in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 886 from 02.07.2020

Title of the magazine: 

  • In Ukrainian: Овочівництво і баштанництво
  • In English: Vegetable and melon growing

Languages of edition: Ukrainian, English, Russian

Frequency: 2 times a year 

Benefits for authors: 

  • the availability of the magazine in the list of scientific specialized publications of the State Сertifying Сommission of Ukraine in the field of agricultural sciences;
  • the free publication of articles and their free distribution ( electronic versions) in the Internet;
  • the correspondence of printed version of a magazine with the international standards;
  • the attention of the editorial staff to each author and openness to communication;
  • the lack of requirement for the presence of an examination certificate with the permission for the open public publication of the submitted material;
  • e-mail sending of corrected articles;
  • the ability to communicate with the anonymous reviewer of the article via e-mail.